Privacy Policy

Margin-strategies Fitness, LLC’s current policy on personal information about club members, consumers, and franchisees is outlined below.

By utilising Margin-strategies Fitness® services, sites, apps, goods, features, tools,  you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. In such case, we may not be able to provide you our entire selection of products and services. If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, you may not use the Sites, Apps, or any goods or services.
This policy is subject to change. Keep in mind that using the site after we make changes constitutes acceptance of the new terms.

To learn more, please read our Privacy Statement.

  • The Site and Apps Collect Personal Information
  • How We Use and Share Personal Data
  • We use “cookie” data from the site and apps.
  • Relations with Other Websites
  • Personal Data Access and Correction
  • Data Security
  • Data Retention
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy
  • Contacting Us
  • Addenda by Country

It is important that you read this policy each time you visit one of our gyms or use one of our apps. It is available at


This Privacy Statement applies to our global activities. It is possible that we, our service providers, or their vendors host the Sites or Apps in the UK. Defined as “any nation where Margin-strategies Fitness® has a presence,” this means that your personal information may be maintained on Our servers’ locations might vary. Our franchisees may also maintain their own websites in their respective countries.
Each country’s privacy laws and data handling practises differ. The following “Country-Specific Privacy Notices” have been added in this Privacy Policy to fulfil these requirements: Select a country from the list below to get its own privacy notice.


• Australia
• Bahrain
• Belgium
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• India
• Indonesia
• Ireland
• Italy
• Luxembourg
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• Morocco
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Philippines
• Poland
• Singapore
• Spain
• Sweden
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• United Kingdom


Margin-strategies Fitness, LLC employs the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses for cross-border data transfers from the EU and Switzerland to the United Kingdom.



The Site and Apps Collected Personal Information

Except for our acquisition of “cookies” as indicated in Section 3, you can visit the non-password protected areas of our Sites without disclosing your identity or any personal information about yourself.
If you use our Site or Apps, we may gather personal information about you from you. You offer us with information when you sign up for a Margin-strategies Fitness® membership. This information may be combined with additional information you supply to our franchisees.

The Site and our Apps may merge information from your Margin-strategies Fitness® membership account, but you must opt-in to this linkage. It may also collect information about your technological interface or preferences (such as the type of browser used or the files requested). Without specific information, you may be unable to use or participate in any of our online services or features.

  • These are only some of the types of information we may collect from you when you use the Site.
  • Where applicable, your contact information (first name, last name, phone number, and email address) to create a Margin-strategies Fitness® account.
  • Your profile username and password to access the password-protected area of the Site if accessible.
  • We may also collect information from you when you use our clubs or buy things from us.
  • For example, if you have a membership with Margin-strategies Fitness®, your home address, key FOB number, and membership number are integrated.
  • It is important to note that the information supplied during the joining procedure may not be accurate.
  • Information on training sessions, classes, or other club activities;
  • Correspondance with your personal trainer or Margin-strategies Fitness® club about your exercise, if available.
  • If you visit the Site or use Margin-strategies Fitness® services, you may be asked to provide personal information.
  • Information you provide to enter advertising competitions or sweepstakes
  • We may gather personal information like as your first and last name, email, phone, and postal address from potential franchisees to assess their suitability for a Margin-strategies Fitness® franchise.
  • With alternative sign ins, we may collect information you submit to third parties such as Facebook or Twitter when you use their services to access our Site or Apps.
  • (cookies) are little text files that are transmitted by your web browser and kept on your computer to allow our server to “recognise” you as you navigate the Site and credit your account for online purchases;
  • To determine the popularity of links or content in emails or third-party sites, our server collects data files called “web beacons” from emails and third-party websites.
  • Your IP address to help us measure website traffic and give a more customised experience

Data we may get through your use of the Apps varies depending on your country and app version; nonetheless, this data may include but is not limited to the following:

  • A user name and password are required to access the App. This information includes: your first and last name, email address, and any additional Margin-strategies Fitness® membership information.
  • Your App usage history, such as your visits to clubs, training programmes, courses, or other Margin-strategies Fitness® goods or services, including your use of the Apps;
  • Your home address, Margin-strategies Fitness® location, key FOB number, and membership number;
  • Your height, weight, fitness objectives in general, fitness habits, or other information that can assist you achieve your own goals in terms of fitness are all examples of this type of information offered throughout the membership process.
  • Your mobile device, wireless carrier, or some third-party suppliers may transmit location or geolocation information so that your activities can be tracked. Even if the Apps or other linked programmes are not open and running, data gathering and tracking may still take place.
  • Your personal trainer or another member of the Margin-strategies Fitness® team will be able to provide you with information on sessions and communication.
  • If you contact us, we will keep copies of your correspondence in our files.
  • If you participate in a survey or get contact from Margin-strategies Fitness® about your use of the Apps or services, you give the company with the following information:
  • Your Margin-strategies Fitness® account information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other payment methods may all be updated online through your Margin-strategies Fitness® account information page.
  • In the event that we provide other sign-in options, we may collect some sign-on information you have supplied to third parties, such as Facebook or Twitter, when you sign on to use our Apps using these third-party services; and
  • Your mobile device may send “cookies” to our server to allow us to “recognise” you as you navigate the Apps. This allows us to correlate your App activity with your membership.

Information obtained from your Social Media Accounts

You may opt to use some social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter (“Social Media Accounts”) to access your Margin-strategies Fitness® account on the Site or through our Apps. We can provide you with more tailored services by integrating your Social Media Accounts, but we may also gather personal information supplied in your Social Media Accounts, such as your profile information, email address, profile image, and friends list. Don’t use the Social Media Account sign-in function if you don’t want us to have access to it.

Children Under the Age of 13

We don’t intentionally gather information from anybody under the age of 13 and our site and apps aren’t designed for them. We ask that minors above the age of 13 refrain from sending us any personal information through the Site or Apps. The information we hold about children under 13 will be deleted as soon as we become aware of it.

How We Use and Share Your Personal Information

Your personal information will be used to provide the services we offer on the website and through our apps, including: Providing you with the services you have requested

  • Your billing information may be contracted to our third-party payment processing vendor. We may contact you about services you have engaged in or with, such as personal training or collection efforts. We may provide you with information about club locations near your current location or future club locations that may be of interest to you.
  • As a result, we attempt to provide you with a seamless, complete solution for managing your daily activities, fitness objectives, and overall lifestyle. Our parent business, subsidiaries, and affiliates need your personal information to provide you with the integrated services provided by our Site and Apps, so that we may manage the Site and Apps as one seamless experience.
  • To provide specialised services to you, or if we believe the products or services they provide might be of interest to you, we may share this information with our franchisees and other business partners.
  • There are a variety of reasons why we might share user information with third parties, including, but not limited to: launching direct marketing programmes on our behalf, tracking user usage data, providing customer service or new product development opportunities, or collaborating on other projects for which we have contracted our users. Some or all of these parties may use your information to sell to you or seek business from you.
  • These clubs’ franchisees, management and workers, or other contracted service providers may have access to your fitness club visit data, App data, and personal information if you engage them to deliver services to you. To the extent necessary to provide or enhance the services you use through the Margin-strategies Fitness® club system or Apps, these parties are bound to keep your personal information secret and are only authorised to access and use your personal information for those purposes. Margin-strategies Fitness® members and your personal trainers may have access to some information about your actions and objectives that you choose to share with them.

Despite our best efforts, we cannot control how third parties utilise your personal information. To execute your payment for purchases, returns, or refunds, we must release your credit card information to credit card authorization service providers and affiliated institutions. Personal information you supply to us may be transferred to our online service providers so that they can keep and process it.
It is possible that we will share aggregate information with third parties such as our vendors, potential marketers, business partners, or business associates Personal information is not included in aggregated data.
With the exception of the circumstances specified in this section, we will not disclose or sell your personal information to any third party for marketing or solicitation purposes.

Additional Disclosures

Any of the following situations may necessitate the release of personal information: (1) in response to a court order; (2) to comply with a subpoena; (3) in order to protect and defend our rights or property, or the rights or property of its franchisees, providers, related entities, partners, business partners or others; or (4) in our sole discretion, believe that disclosure is necessary under urgent circumstances

As a result, if we reorganise, sell to or merge with another firm, or otherwise transfer our business assets, we may sell, assign, or transfer your personal information to the purchaser of all or substantially all of our business assets, or to an affiliate, as appropriate.

Our Use of Your “Cookie” Information on the Site and Apps

Cookies are little data files that are stored on your computer or mobile device and allow us to recognise your computer or mobile device when you visit the Site and Apps by matching identification numbers with other information you have given us with as a user on your computer or mobile device. Some cookies will remain on your computer or mobile device until you erase them, while others will remain on your computer or mobile device until you delete them. The collecting of these “cookies” may also be limited by configuring your computer or mobile device, but that restriction may also limit our ability to deliver all the services or functionality of our website or apps. It’s possible that third-party service providers are employing “flash cookies,” which are little text files stored on your computer that can’t be removed like ordinary cookies. Visit Adobe’s Flash player settings page to discover how to manage your flash cookie settings.
Cookies and other mobile device data, such as your geolocation, allow us to do the following things with your information:

  • Give you access to your user settings and allow you to sign in on authorised devices;
  • Assist with fundamental app functions like presenting your current position and movement in real time.
  • the process of installing and keeping track of security-related App components;
  • Assist in troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with the sites and apps, as well as helping to manage and develop the sites and apps.
  • Indicate the name of your internet service provider and how much time you spend on the site.
  • Other web analytics information about your and other users’ usage and movement of the Sites and Applications will be collected.
  • Ads and other offers from third parties that are relevant to you are provided.
  • Cookies can be used to track overall visitor traffic patterns and to identify interests or plan technical infrastructure requirements by combining cookie data from all users. This combined information can then be provided to vendors, potential advisors, business partners, new agencies, or other parties.
  • We may run advertisements based on how you use the site or apps.
  • You should otherwise work on making the website better.

On the internet, we may additionally advertise to our consumers by utilising third-party suppliers like Google Analytics. You may see Margin-strategies Fitness® product adverts on other websites because these third parties monitor your online activity. First-party cookies (such as the Google Analytic cookie) and third-party cookies are used together by these vendors to provide information, optimise and serve ads based on your previous visits to the Site or another site linked to Margin-strategies Fitness® products or services. Third-party cookies gather no personal information about you (name, address, email address, or phone number) other than what you choose to supply on the website. Google Analytics for Display Advertising opt-out is available through the Ads Settings in Google.

Our Relationship with the Websites

The Site and Apps may contain connections to other web sites or mobile apps in addition to the integration indicated in this Privacy Policy with specific mobile applications. Aside from that, the Sites may be linked to from other websites. We have no control over the websites that are connected to the Sites, and we disclaim all responsibility for their content or privacy policies. If you go to one of these other sites, be sure to look through their privacy policies before submitting any personal information. When you click on a link on one of our sites, you may be subject to different and extra terms of service and privacy policy terms and conditions depending on the site you visit.

Access and Correction of your Personal Information

We work hard to ensure that the personal information in our databases is accurate and up-to-date at all times. If your personal information changes, please let us know as soon as possible. Signing into your account on the Site or Apps and scrolling through your settings will allow you to make changes or deactivate your account at any time. A copy of the personal information we hold on you may be obtained upon request. Contact information is supplied in our country-specific addenda. You may also send a letter to Margin-strategies Fitness, LLC, Attention: Data Protection Officer.

Methods for Submitting Privacy Requests to Us

You may make a verified request for data privacy by filling out our online Data Privacy Request form. Before we can react to your inquiry, we need to confirm your identity. The following information may be requested from you for verification and efficiency reasons:

  • Your initials and last name
  • The address of your e-mail account
  • Your contact information
  • The location of your club
  • The key FOB number that you have

Authorized Agents

Consumers can appoint an authorised agent to act on their behalf. This can be a natural person or a registered business organisation. If you have a legitimate privacy request, you may submit it through an authorised agent. A power of attorney or written authorization from you to allow the authorised agent to submit the request on your behalf, as well as identification, are required from your agent.

All correspondence must be in English unless otherwise specified in an amendment. Any reasonable request shall be responded to within the time limitations set out by relevant legislation, or within a reasonable period of time if no such time limit has been set down. To ensure your safety, we may need to verify your identity with extra information. It is our goal to respond quickly to your inquiry and make sure your personal information is accurate. Our right to limit or deny your request is subject to applicable law if we believe that disclosing the information would jeopardise the personal safety of any other individual or organisation, result in a violation of any laws or regulations, or if you have failed to provide sufficient proof to verify your identity as required.

Opting Out or Unsubscribing

Change your browser settings or go into your mobile device choices to block the transfer of certain information if you want to opt out of certain cookie collections or other web- or mobile device upgrades, including geolocation data collection. Although it may be tempting to limit our capacity to serve you with the most appropriate items and information, doing so may prevent us from doing so. Browser “do not track” signals are currently ignored by our servers. Visit to learn more about online marketing practises and your options for not having this information used by our third-party service providers.

Use your mobile device’s setting choices to disable or remove an app like margin-strategies fitness from the Site and Apps, or remove the app from your mobile device entirely. In some cases, deleting an app won’t get rid of any data you’ve already collected using the connected app.
Follow the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email you receive from us or a third party to stop receiving it, or go into your account and alter your email preferences. It is possible to unsubscribe from mobile text messaging by following the instructions provided when opting in or by contacting us directly

Security of Your Personal Information

Data and information, including personal information, are secure because we take reasonable steps and apply management and technological procedures to protect them. We cannot, however, guarantee that data or personal information will not be lost, misused, disclosed in an unauthorised manner, altered, or destroyed. You do so at your own risk when submitting personal information to us. It is your responsibility to be aware of potential security and privacy risks associated with using the Sites, including personal information. You acknowledge that we have no control over the security or privacy limitations in computer systems or the Internet outside of our direct control. You further acknowledge that we have no control over the security or privacy risks associated with using the Sites, including personal information. We will only collect, keep, use, and disclose your information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and as otherwise required by law.

Retention of Your Personal Information

Only for as long as necessary, we retain your personal information, in accordance with relevant legislation, for the original reasons for which it was obtained (or for which you subsequently consented) or for additional legitimate purposes (such as regulatory compliance).

Changes to our Privacy Policy

To the extent permitted by law, we reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy in whole or in part at any time and without prior notice to you by publishing notifications on the Sites indicating this Privacy Policy has changed. Any right you may have to receive Notices is explicitly waived. You should keep an eye on the Sites for Notices of Privacy Policy changes that may affect you. If you continue to use the Sites after we’ve implemented changes to this Privacy Policy or posted a Notice, you’ve agreed to those modifications.
Please email us with any questions or concerns you have about our Privacy Statement.

How to Contact Us

Please contact our Data Protection Officer at: Margin-strategies Fitness, LLC if you have any additional questions or concerns about your personal information (including requesting access to or correction of your personal information or filing a privacy complaint).
Privacy Officer 109 High Street, Ashton CH3 9SY UK Please read:
Contact our Data Protection Officer at the above-mentioned postal address if you have a complaint about how we obtained or handled your personal information. Thank you for your cooperation.