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The One and Only TRX Workout You'll Ever Need!

Whatever your level of fitness, you’ve probably noticed those bright straps hanging around the gym and thought, “What the heck are those?” for example, “I know what they are, but will they provide me a good workout?” Fortunately, we’ll be able to address both of those queries shortly.

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"Feel the burn, together"

Working hard and experiencing the burn together fosters a sense of community. There’s always a LIVE class to join, thanks to our global network of TRX® instructors scattered throughout our locations across the world.

TRX Full Body Workout

Foot Up Split Squat

This workout targets the glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and calves.

  • Standing, insert one foot into the foot cradles and arms by your sides (or hands folded at your abdomen.)
  • Drop your body to the floor, bending at the hips and knees and leaning forward.
  • Push off your front foot to start.


That’s why it’s called “Arms Up”.

You’ll be doing push-ups, but with a twist: In a sitting posture, face the straps to secure them. Roll to one side, then pull the foot cradles over.

Overhead Raise

This workout is great for strengthening the shoulders and upper back while still being completely weightless.

One Leg Wide Row

This routine goes after your chest, arms, and midsection with a heavy emphasis on the midsection.

If you have difficulties keeping your balance throughout this workout, consider focusing on the TRX anchor point, which is stationary. On the rise, keep your core tight and your elbows in, and on the drop, go as slowly and deliberately as you did on the pull up.

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